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SermeTel Coating
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SermeTel Coating
SermeTel coating system is a special product line developed by Sermatech International), is comprised of inorganic and organic pigments dispersed in unique binder system as slurry type material. Applied by spaying and other methods, it has outstanding corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, chemical resistance, anti-erosion, anti-fouling, anti-sticking, and more, required by various environments. These excellent performances can make widely used in flight turbine engines of major world airlines and military services, spacecrafts and satellites under severe circumstances, compressors and turbines of many power plants, etc. Moreover, through continuous development of new coating to endure most of circumferences, its application fields are extended to chemical, clothe, shoe and all the other industries
Standard coating for compressor components by major gas turbine makers
- Aircraft: General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce
- Industrial: Alstom, MHI, Siemens, Solar
Classification of SermeTel Coating
SermeTel W Corrosion resistance for compressor components of gas turbine
SermeTel 725
SermeTel 5380DP
Corrosion resistance and anti-fouling for compressor components of gas turbine
SermaLon Corrosion resistance and anti-fouling for components of gas compressor or steam turbine
SermaGard Corrosion resistance for components of automobile or fasteners
Comparison of SermeTel coatings
SermeTel 725 SermeTel 5380DP SermaLon
Surface roughness improvement °‹ °‹°‹ °‹°‹°‹
Smooth surface °‹°‹°‹°‹ °‹°‹°‹
Fouling resistance °‹°‹°‹ °‹°‹°‹°‹
Low pH °‹°‹°‹ °‹°‹°‹°‹
Humid atmosphere °‹°‹°‹ °‹°‹°‹°‹
Temperature(260°≠550°…) °‹°‹°‹ °‹°‹
Application Compressor vane Compressor blade Compressor impeller
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