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As one of special processes, painting is applied to provide corrosion resistance on steel structures to be exposed by various environments of marine and in-land areas. Due to its thousand years of history, it has been widely and continuously used on the bridge, industrial plants, and marine facilities, etc. Especially, todayí»s notable performance improvements of painting slurry control technology can make painting to be applied on power generation areas, such as hydroelectric, gas turbine, nuclear, etc for providing corrosion resistance in the long term periods, such as 15 years or more.

From the year of 2006, Sermatech Korea has provided highly productive painting service on core products in windmill turbine facilities, such as main shaft, pitch bearing, yaw bearing, brake disk, and etc. The ultimate customers are global players in wind turbine industry, such as General Electric, Vestas, Siemens, and etc.

Sermatech Korea believes that similar technology could be applied to the components for off-shore oil and gas production and processing areas. which are moving forward to the direction of more efficient miningeven in the more harsh condition
Current Painting Processes
- Painting : per ISO 12944 (Major job : 3-coat painting - Epoxy Zn Primer/High Buildup Epoxy Intermediate/PU Top)
- Zn/Al arc wire spray : thickness requirements per ISO 2063 (Major job : 99.5Zn, 85Zn15Al, & 99.5Al arc wire application)
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