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Power Plant Parts
Protective coatings for power plant components help gas turbines run more efficiently and minimize replacement of expensive gas turbine components.Protective coatings further extend the life of nickel, cobalt and stainless steel hot section components operating in the severe gas path environment by protecting against erosion, oxidation and hot corrosion of turbines. Protective coatings keep these parts running at optimum performance levels for tens of thousands of additional hours and that means reduced repair costs, less downtime and improved gas turbine operating efficiency.
For the protection of hot section components, Sermatech developed the SermaLoy¢ç family of coatings. SermaLoy 1515 and SermaLoy 1520 protect components made of high-strength, low-chromium nickel-based and cobalt-based alloys respectively. Both are extremely resistant to oxidation and high and low temperature (Types 1 and 2) hot corrosion of turbine components.
We also offers a complete line of pack aluminide coatings, including platinum aluminides, and a full range of thermal spray coating systems tailored to your application. We also offers high velocity oxy fuel (HVOF)- and Gator-Gard¢ç-applied MCrAlY overlay, as well as specialized Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs) specifically designed for use on gas turbine vanes and nozzle segments
- SermeTel¢ç 1083
- Gator-Gard ¢ç GG-CC-100M Chromium Carbide Coating
- SermeLoy¢ç J
- SermeTel¢ç 984/985 Low Temperature Cure Coatings
- Gator-Gard ¢ç GG-M-115 Chromium Carbide Coating
- SermeTel¢ç Process 6000 Coating System
- SermeTel¢ç Process 725 Coating System
- SermeTel¢ç Process 5380 DPTM Coating System
- SermeTel¢ç Process 2241 Coating System
- SermeTel¢çDense Pack Coatings
- Gator-Gard ¢ç GG-WC-120 Tungsten Carbide Coating
- SermAlcote TM
- SermeLoy¢ç 1515 Coating Process
- HVOF GK-CC-179 Chromium Carbide Coating
- Gator-Gard ¢ç Typical Gas Turbine Applications
- SermeTel¢ç Process 2F-1 Coating System
- Gator-Gard ¢ç GG-WC-100&120 Tungsten Carbide Coating
- Gator-Gard ¢ç GG-CC-130 Chromium Carbide Coating
- HVOF GK-WC-120 Tungsten Carbide Coating
- SermeTel¢ç Process 2000
- SermeTel¢ç Process 2000 6F-1 Coating System
- Zinc Arc Spray, Painting
- Zinc Arc Spray + Painting
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