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Chemical Plant Part
Generally metal in the air are combined with oxygen to form oxide(M + O2 °ś MO2), and metal in solution such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and seawater exists in ion as a result of dissolution. These two chemical reactions to lose unique features of metal can be regarded as corrosion and if combined with physical damage(wear, erosion, galling, etc), the reactions can be divided as corrosion-erosion, corrosive wear, fretting corrosion ,etc.

Three chemical-physical reactions above are main causes for chemical plant degradation, and to protect the plant many studies have been proceeded. In the past rubber and Urethane coating, plastic coating, glass coating and Ni & Cr plating are conventionally applied to protect the plant. Though the conventional coating above have good resistance to corrosion, those are weak to thermal operation even 100°… above, which can't be used as maintenance method in most of harsh environment.

Major ingredients for corrosion in chemical plant are HCl, H2SO4, HNO3, Na2SO4, NaCl, PbO, etc. When the corrosive ingredients are present above the critical temperature, corrosion rate are increased. So, corrosion resistant coating to guarantee longer service life for chemical plant should have low weight change in corrosive condition and superior resistance to oxidizing or non-oxidizing acid.

Current application of SKL Catings
Wear Resistant Alloy Ni-Cr-B-Si series & Ni-Mo-Cr-Si series
Corrosion Resistant Alloy Ni-Cr-Fe series & Ni-Cr-Mo-W series
Thermal Resistant Ni-Cr-Al series & Ni-Cr-Al-Y series
Wear and Corrosion Resistant Alloy Cr-Ni-X series(X : Mo, B, Si, etc)
High Temperature and Corrosion Resistance Order 80Ni-20Cr > 50Ni-50Cr > Cr-Ni-X series(Ready to use as SKL exclusive coating)
HCl Gas Compressor Rod Material : SUS 420J2 series
Problem : Gas leakage from wear
Coating : ZrO2 series
Seawater Pump Impeller, Shaft, Sleeve Material : Impeller °ś BC-3 ,Shat °ś SCM-3 , Sleeve °ś SUS 420J2
Problem : Vibration from wear
Coating : Shaft & Sleeve °ś SUS series, Impeller °ś Bronze series
Heat Exchanger Deck and Channel Cover Material : SS series
Problem : Surface corrosion and its progression
Coating : Zn-Al coating + Sealing
Tanks Material : SS 41, SM 41B, SM 41C series
Problem : Leakage from corrosion
Coating : Pure Al coating + Sealing
Pipes(drainage, exaust gas water dischage) Material : SS 41 series
Problem : Corrosion & thermal resistance decrease
Coating : Pure Al coating + Sealing
Compressor Cylinder Rod Material : Special Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Problem : Abrupt compressibility decrease
Coating : WC series(HVOF), Ni-base, Co-base, WC contained Ni-base, etc
Others LNG Heat Exchanger Pannel, Motor Housing, Ball Valve, Mix Tank, Blower,Sleeves,Sulfuric Acid Plant Heat Exchanger, Pump Balance Sleeve, Pump Liner, Clay Extrusion Screw, Internal Combustion Engine Main Metal & Metal Housing, Plunger, Reactor Pipe, Boiler Tube, Shafts, Impeller Blades, etc.
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