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Steel Industry
Sermatech Korea has provided various coating solutions to steel industry since POSCO selected Sermatech Korea as a coating supplier for the hearth rolls in 2000.

Hearth rolls of CAL(Continuous Annealing Line)/CGL(Continuous Gavanizing Line) in cold strip mill plant are used at harsh environment as 400 ~ 1200°… and rotate with high speed. So, various coatings are applied according to required characteristics for locations. For example, heating zone requires thermal shock resistance due to temperature difference between furnace and steel strip, uniform zone requires resistance to build-up, and cooling zone requires uniform cooling capability. For each location, proper coating should be chosen to meet operating condition.

SKL developed SKL-11, HC-1000 and SKL-100 series coatings used for plasma spray, which purpose to apply for high quality cold roll steel line. SKL-11 applied on heating zone over 900°… has proven its excellence for resistance to slip, wear and buildup. And, HC-1000 is applied on the zone of 300°… ~ 900°…, which makes stable steel production due to superior wear resistance. Recently, SKL introduced a new anti-pick up coating solution, SKL-100 series for the production of ultra AHSS and customers appreciate with satisfaction.

Besides, when severe shelf life reduction caused from high temperature happens we'll solve the problem to choose customized coating material to its environment.

Process Roll: WC coated roll lasts longer than Cr plated rolls and it is environment friendly.

Especially, due to placing with thermal/mechanical shock and corrosion facilities in raw material processing process and sintering process in ironmaking plant, continuous casting plant and hot rolled steel plant has coated with self-fluxing powder which have excellent thermal/mechanical shock resistance. And, because facilities in blast furnace of ironmaking plant and converter of steelmaking plant has easily damaged from thermal shock by facing with molten iron, etc, ceramic coating having excellent resistance for high temperature are applied.

In water-cooled mold of continuous casting plant, the upper part are not only suffered from thermal shock and wear by molten iron, but the lower part are also suffered from friction wear by solidified melted iron. Self-fluxing alloy coating on the mold surface of continuous casing plant is applied worldwide.

Currently unit roll, run-out table roll, hot run table roll and delayed table roll are manufactured by CPC processing method have enough hardness to endure thermal shock for long time. But extremely high thermal load and corrosion from coolant makes considering thermal spraying coating(Ni-base, Co-base, Ni-Co-WC base) for those rolls.
PlasmaCoating Application
Cold Strip Mill Plant Hearth Roll, Deflector Roll, Cooling Roll, Seal Roll, Guide Roll, Bridle Roll, etc
Other Plants Skirt Hood Inside and Outside of Steel-making Converter, LANS Pipe of Blast Furnace ...etc
For general process rolls except cold strip mill plant rolls, WC class and CrC class HVOF coating using JP-5000 can be applied. The coating's characteristic up to Hv 1400 hardness gives extension of roll life and resistance to slip and dross sticking. Its superior feature make this coating apply on the critical roll to product quality. And, as the customer's quality requirement is much strict, the demand for HVOF coating application is steadily increased.
HVOFCoating Application
CGL Plant Rolls ...Top Roll, Sink & Stabilizing Roll, Torch Roll, Tension Bridle Roll, Brush Back Up Roll, ...Deflector Roll, etc
Other Rolls ...Tension Bridle Roll, Deflector Roll, Pass Line Roll, Pinch Roll, Leveller Roll, Tension Meter ...Roll, Burr Masher Roll, Masher Roll, Looper Roll, Snubber Roll, etc.
Other Plants ...Impeller Blade, Screw, Sleeve, Piston Rod, Continuous Casting Plant Mold, Hot Strip Mill ...Plant Plunger & Spool, etc.
In the past, thousands of mechanically coupled parts in the steel-making factory had been abandoned through simple wear of bearing and oil seal. But this trouble were overcome by applying wire flame spraying method using oxygen and acetylene gas as combustion gas. Feature for wire flame spraying is almost no thermal distortion and residual stress because the temperature of base metal is under 100°… when the splats collide with. Moreover, 20 ~ 25% of porosity inside the coating function as oil reservoir, which gives oilless effect when used on friction surfaces.
Wire Flame Spray Application
Conveyance Pulley Shaft, Gear Shaft, Pinion Shaft, Motor Housing Input/Output Shaft, Hot Strip Mill Back Up Roll Chock and Work Roll Chock, Bearing and Oil Seal of All Types of Roll and Shaft, Chemical Tank Inside(Al, Al-Zn, Zn coating as corrosion protection)

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