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Diffusion Coating
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Diffusion Coating
One of protective coatings to increase high temperature oxidation and hot corrosion resistance. During coating, intermetallic compounds are formed from base metal(Ni, Co, Fe) and coating element(Al, Cr, Si). The coating protects base metal by selective oxidation of coating element during service. Aluminide(Al) coating is applied to increase high temperature oxidation resistance at service temperature above 850, Chromide(Cr) and Silicide(Si) coatings are applied to increase hot corrosion resistance at service temperature below 850. Co-deposition of Al-Cr or Al-Si is applied to increase hot corrosion resistance of simple aluminide coating.
- Dense coating without porosity, crack
- High bond strength by diffused layer with substrate
- Available on complex configuration and narrow cooling passage
- Limited coating element and coating thickness
- Large equipment for large component
Comparison of Diffusion Coating
Proces Proces Applicable
Coating method
Slurry Pack Vapor
Aluminizing Al Fe-base, Ni-base,Co-base High temperature oxidation resistance
Usable up to 1100
Chromizing Cr Fe-base, Ni-base Hot corrosion resistance
Usable up to 900
Pt-luminizing Pt + Al Ni-base Oxidation & hot corrosion resistance
Resist 3~4 times than simple aluminzing
Composite Al + Cr Al + Si Fe-base, Ni-base Oxidation & hot corrosion resistance
Boronizing B Fe-base, Ni-base,Co-base Wear resistance
Hardness 18002000 Hv
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